Our Mission


One Jewelry = One Tree

Shop: You buy a piece of any LE YOUNG jewelry at any price*.
Donate: At the top of every month, we tally up all items sold and make a donation to our nonprofit partner, Earth Day Network (EDN).
Plant trees: EDN will then select tree planting opportunities around the world with assurance that the trees planted are appropriate to the local environment. In some cases, the trees will be planted to respond to a natural disaster such as forest fire or tornado. In other cases, the trees are part of reforestation programs and urban renewal. Special circumstances such as needs at schools and public facilities are also recognized.
Make a difference: These trees not only result in significant environmental protection to each region, but also direct economic benefits of thousands of people to sustain themselves and their local communities. Trees reverse the impacts of land degradation and climate change, moreover, provide food, energy and income, helping communities to achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability.  


Liuyi lived in Beijing, China for four years. The grey skies and thick pollution not only appalled her, but raised her awareness of the issue altogether. Backed by the motivation to make change, she learned about how planting trees would help reverse the problem. Then the love for trees was born. She plans to plant trees all over the world, because the benefits extends further than just pollution. 

Where were the trees planted? Since inception, our donations to EDN have planted trees in Haiti, India and several places in Africa. 

Every report we receive, we will share the information with you, so you know where your contribution went. This page is always a work in progress where we will update consistently.
*Regularly-priced items only